Psychodynamic therapy

My job is to understand your life experiences and how they have led to your feeling unhappy, lost, confused or stuck. Together we name the repeating and frustrating patterns, identify the conflicts behind the patterns, and address them.

Psychodynamic therapy focuses on the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind and helps people gain insight into their lives and present-day problems and patterns. It helps understand why people may attract partners with similar characteristics, reenact the same kind of patterns, and play out the same fights over and over again.  

The therapeutic relationship is central to psychodynamic therapy. It can demonstrate how a person interacts with their friends and loved ones. This look at interpersonal relationships can help people understand their part in relationship patterns. It may empower them to transform that dynamic and bring a meaningful and lasting change into their lives.

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My office is located in North London, currently there are on-line appointments available.

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